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Narrow steel or aluminium frames give the extension a cutting edge contemporary feel that is very much in...







Adding a Glass Extension
Tom Norris

Whilst adding a glass extension is not for everyone’s I’m happy to see that there has been a steady growth in recent years. It doesn’t matter which type, style or period of home you have as a glass extension seems to work really well on all of them. In effect, glass work well on all types of property from an aesthetics viewpoint.

On the negative side some home-owners don’t like the idea of being over exposed to prying eyes, feel vulnerable sitting in a glass box and feel less secure. There is also the maintenance aspect in that the glass needs to be cleaned frequently to ensure that the extension retains its lustre.

Depending on which direction your property is facing you also need to take into account what it might be like having strong sunlight glaring into your home for long periods. Install blinds I hear you say but on reflection I have to ask why you would go to the trouble of building a glass extension and then covering over most of it with blinds?

Are Glass Extensions A Good Idea?

Just so we all know where I stand, I’m a big fan of using glass to open up the back of the property to the great outdoors. The use of floor to ceiling glazing panels, similar height folding doors and narrow steel or aluminium frames give the extension a cutting edge contemporary feel that is very much in vogue.

I’m not saying it’s for every property but in cases where the sun isn’t going to cause too many problems, where you have a decent patio, tiled area or hardwood deck then I would seriously give some thought as just how much glass I would like to have in my extension.

One consideration is that you can’t really put fixtures up against the glass so it wouldn’t look great if you tried to use glass for a kitchen extension. It could however look fantastic as a breakfast area, a dining room, play room or an additional living area.

Lastly, you should explore the various types of glass. For example you can have glass that lets the heat in and keeps out the harmful rays. You can also have glass that self cleans, that is heat retentive and finally you can have double glazed units formed with a privacy option in that the glass become obscure at the flick of a switch.

If you’re currently considering adding a glass extension there are a number of further considerations below that you should pay attention to and in doing so you will be well rewarded.

Are You Going To Move House In The Next 5 Years?

Glass Extension Photos 2It’s an absolute fact that people spend many thousands of pounds adding an extension and doing up their property only to sell within a couple of years. Now the question is, if you knew you were going to move house would you really have:

Well unless you happen to be an architect or interior designer with a finger placed firmly on the current interior design trends then it’s most likely that you will have:

The truth is that many home-owners browse a few websites, read a few magazines and before you know it are off giving instructions to the builders without any real idea if the proposed works will:

Get it into your head that not all home improvements add value. Also, get it into your head that should you decide to spend 100 per metre on limestone flooring or 15k on a kitchen you could have wasted up to 75% of your money as you may not get it back when you sell.

Glass Extension Photos 3Different styles of properties require different designs when it comes to extending or refurbishing. Just because your large corner settee looked great in your open plan loft apartment doesn’t mean it will look well in a 3 bedroom 1930’s semi.

In effect, what I’m saying is that any kind of major refurbishment, layout change or addition should be carried out with the following considerations.

Budget - Am I refurbishing to sell or to keep? It’s an important consideration here as many home-owners waste many thousands of pounds on home improvements that they can’t possibly recoup when they sell.

Let’s say you had 2 properties. Property 1 had a value of 125k and property 2 had a value of 250k. Now would you really spend the same amount on a new kitchen or double glazing on each property? The answer is that you can but you would be losing money as the value and the location of the property needs to be considered when it comes to major refurbishments.

Design - Would you really add the same style of extension to 2 different properties? Just because you added an extension to one property and it worked really well, don’t go thinking that you will automatically get the same result on another property.

Each property is unique when it comes to designing the perfect home and as such deserves unique consideration rather than a standard bolt-on extension approach.

Interior Design - When it comes to creating new layouts and choosing finishing materials it’s absolutely essential that you do the research to establish what works best with your particular style of property. Bear in mind that at this point you should know if you’re refurbishing to sell within a few years or refurbishing to suit your own taste regardless.

We always advise getting in some specialist help to aid your decision making on whether a loft conversion is worth the effort, whether you should add a conservatory or in fact carry out any major improvements. Talk to your local estate agents if you want to find out if your proposal will add value, make the property more sellable or simply be a waste of money.

Architect - When it comes to layout changes, major refurbishments, extensions or conversions you should always engage the services of a local architect as the first step rather than calling the builders. In many cases builders tend to adopt particular styles and if given an opportunity they will be more than happy to steer you into a design and style that they like rather than a design that works best for your property and circumstance.

You also need to bear in mind that regardless of whether or not your proposals fall within permitted development you will still need drawings for building regulations approval and by drawings I mean technical drawings with sound arguments and calculations for energy saving especially if your design has a lot of glass.

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